New Updates

1. KSRTC bags SKOCH Digital Inclusion Awards 2012

2. Mysore city transport services is now becoming Intelligent

1. KSRTC bags Skoch Digital Inclusion Awards 2012

      Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is implementing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for its entire fleet of buses in Mysore City. Recognizing the efforts by KSRTC in rolling out this innovative and first of its kind demonstrative project in India, SKOCH GROUP has conferred KSRTC with "SKOCH DIGITAL INCLUSION GOLD AWARD-2012" in Networking and Management Category at the 30th SKOCH SUMMIT held on September 18, 2012 at New Delhi.

      Mr. S. Mallikarjuna, Chief Mechanical Engineer (P) , KSRTC receiving Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2012 from Mr J Satyanarayana, Secretary, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India. Mr Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, Skoch Group and Ms Manisha Kochhar, Director, Skoch Development Foundation are also in the picture.

2. Mysore city transport services is now becoming Intelligent

  • This intelligence is being assisted by a Apta Mitra (close friend)
  • First of its kind experiment in the country
  • Shortly available for Public Service

      First of its kind, Intelligence Transport Service (ITS) being installed in the city of Mysore. It would be ready for service in the next 15 days. Presently the requisite hardware is being installed in the buses and the control room is being set up in the Mysore City Bus stand.

Photo caption : Photo of the ITS display board installed at the UDS Bus stand, KSRTC Mysore furnishing details of the bus number and routes for public information.

The buses at Mysore are being readied to provide services equivalent to flight services. For the first time in India in the city of Mysore, services similar to that provided in the aircrafts, the buses are being installed with Intelligent Transport Services (ITS).

If the bus that you want to catch has not come on time or the bus has not arrived at its destination on time you have the control of the bus in your hand. You can immediately SMS the facts to the Officers in the Central Control room to put back the service in place.

For doing the above, KSRTC Mysore is bringing 500 buses, 105 bus terminals, 45 platforms under the VTS (Vehicle Tracking system). Depending on the performance at Mysore, KSRTC is planning to extend its services to other places also.

What is this intelligence?

KSRTC has devised this plan to provide its users with the best, most accurate and long term services. The purpose of this services is to control through technology - Intelligent Transport System, the correct time of the bus arrival, tracing the bus route while it is in motion, the route of the buses and the time between the bus arrival. The objective of this system is to enable KSRTC to cut down on expenditure, ensure safety and timely movement of buses.

By using GIS Technology online, we can trace the movement of buses. This service is called "MITRA" and the entire responsibility of this would be with CMC for the first three years and subsequently it would be handed over to the Government.

VMU has been installed in the buses, in front of the driver. There are 2 SIM Cards installed in this system. One SIM would show the network and the second SIM would be activated. By using this network GPS, GPRS and GSM technology will work through the satellite.

The facility to interact is available in the buses in case of emergency. During any fire accident the driver by using VMU operating on SOS (Save our Soul), pushes red button (signal) which will directly reach the control room immediately. In case the driver is caught in the middle of traffic, by using the signal button the other vehicles on that route can change their direction route which will enable avoiding traffic jams.

Double Break :

Till now the break control of the bus was always with the driver. Henceforth, this control would be with the Control Room. In case the driver is speeding directive for slowing down would be given to him from the Control Room. In case the driver does not stop in any bus stand, immediately the Control Room will get in touch with and issue him a warning.

Role of the passenger :

For availing this facility, the passenger will have to spend some amount to recharge, so that in a fraction of a minute the state transport department will provide you with up-to-date information.

M S Srinivas, Divisional Controller, KSRTC :-

In the country this service is being implemented for the first time in Mysore. General public can interact with the Transport department through their mobile instruments. Through the mobile, passengers would get the bus arrival details directly. Public can make use of this facility.